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About usVoxmeter A/S is a research company, which handles all types of interview and data collection. Our head quarter is in Copenhagen, and we have departments in Herning and Vietnam. We have many years of experience coordinating projects and supporting partners, who use our research system, which is why we also are strong in project controlling of international research studies.

Since 1997, we have provided clients with interviews, analyzes and research systems, which have made us leaders in Customer Experience Management (CEM). We are a member of the European industry organization, Esomar. We abide by the quality mark, Quality Measurement. We are independent and 100 % Danish owned.

Our philosophy

The main philosophy at Voxmeter is to enable your company to see itself through the eyes of the customers. So you through the customer’s experience can get a better understanding of the market, see what the competitors are doing, and experience yourself as the customer do. This vision is the foundation for all our reports, and the development of our research and business solution, CEM Intelligence.

Besides our focus on Customer Experience Management, it’s important for us to guarantee overview, flexibility, innovation, effectiveness, and precision. Our finest task is to deliver reports that you can trust 100%. We guaranty high level of professionalism and empathic sparring on research design, logistic, methodology and timing.

Our highest goal is always to deliver high quality products that support our client’s need. This product is not necessary the biggest and most expensive solution, but the answer that fits exactly our client’s need and issue.

We have visions on your behalf

We are explorative, ambitious and have visions on your behalf. We take great honor in delivering the most valid and value-creating reports to our clients.

Therefore, we are innovative and continuously developing our research products and intelligent research technology. We aim to be the best in our field of delivering integrated research solutions to private and public companies nationally and internationally. Solutions, that includes effective data collection, automatic processing of data and focused communication of new information. Solutions, that creates insight and understanding of customers, citizens, members, and voters.

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Voxmeter right now

Voxmeter right now

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