Customer Experience Management to the banks of Denmark

Voxmeter has many years of experience delivering studies and Customer Experience Management (CEM) to banks. We offer the CEM solution, CEM Bank Intelligence, which is Denmark’s most comprehensive customer study within the banking market.

CEM Bank Intelligence – the management tool for unique business opportunities

CEM Bank Intelligence connects your company closely with customers and contributes to an increased market understanding among your managers. It provides and insight for business and communication development opportunities as well as knowledge on how to differentiate yourself from other banks. We uncover the private banking market and from 2015, we also cover the commercial banking market.

Attract, win, retain and predict more banking customers

Every week, you receive updated information on how the Danes rate you and your competitors. CEM Bank Intelligence provides insight to the Danes’ attitudes, needs, and predicted behavior in areas such as marketing, image, counseling, services and a number of sub areas. You get structured and coherent knowledge, so you easy can see how to attract and win new customers, predict the market and retain existing clients, as well as how to prioritize, which is all important knowledge when developing your banking business.

48 touchpoints where the Danes meet your bank

CEM Bank Intelligence uncovers 48 touchpoints where the Danes and your customers meet your banking business. These are charted based on a thorough mapping of the banking industry’s research needs. Among the uncovered touchpoints are customer loyalty, advertising effects, counseling services, product experience, image, service experience and importance.

Compare you bank’s customer balance with the competitors and zoom in on reasons for fluctuation

All touchpoints are accumulated into a “CEM score,” which expresses the company’s customer balance. The CEM score gives you the customer’s collected evaluation of you compared to other Banks in Denmark. This solution is unique because it is possible to immediately zoom in on the reasons for fluctuation on the CEM score, and you can see how to improve the good service experience.

Online analyzes and reporting

CEM Intelligence provides you with market and customer knowledge, which supports your mission. We report the results in an easy structured and operational format for the decision makers. You get access to an online user-friendly research and reporting system, so you always have access to your studies.

Read more about your options with CEM Intelligence, here.

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