Business cycle analysis

Business cycle analysis

CEM Economy – predict the market

Voxmeter’s regular study, CEM Economy, is a national representative study about the social, economic and political development. With CEM Economy, you can see and predict the Danes’ buying behavior because every quarter, it tells what they have done, what they do and what they expect to do in the future. It provides an overall view on the conjecture, which makes it possible to study data that relates specifically to your industry.

CEM Economy provides information about:

  • The Dane’s economy and employment situation
  • Actual consumption within the population
  • Planned consumption within the population
  • Actual industry and product level purchasing behavior
  • Industry and product level buying intentions
  • Political and social preferences
  • And a number of demographic and lifestyle related variables

CEM Economy asks questions on topics such as finance, property, cars, retail, experiences, media, politics, concerns, and much more. In addition, we collect data from among others Statistics Denmark and OECD. You can study in-depth relevant segments within a wide range of demographic and lifestyle related characteristics.

Reporting of the results

CEM Economy is useful and easy to use. The results are presented in a way that gives a general overview and a chance to study in detail your areas of interest:

  • Quarterly reports – an overview of the market and society
  • Industry reports – zoom in on your specific industry
  • Online portal – go in-depth with all results easy and instinctively
  • E-mail – be notified about unexpected development

It’s always an option to get questions asked that are specifically relevant for you. You will receive the results in your preferred format.

CEM Economy is one of our CEM studies, which are developed based on Customer Experience Management (CEM). The survey is unique and provides a valuable tool that helps you predict and react to the market development.

In 2015, we refined and expanded CEM Economy, so we now have even more information about the Danes. Read more about the extended version, CEM Danskerne, here.

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