CEM Intelligence

CEM can what CRM can’t

The distance to the market has been removed

“If only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes,” the robot from the Ridley Scott movie “Blade Runner” said to its creator. This vision has become a reality with CEM Intelligence. Through the eyes of the customer, you see everything that your company does.

No longer, should you have to be satisfied with customer information only through sales figures, reports from sales representatives, the annual image rating or various market surveys. With CEM Intelligence, you get to be the fly on the wall in crucial moments where customers meet your company. You see things happen, while they happen. The distance between you and the market has been removed.

It is no coincidence that Customer Experience Management (CEM) has gained ground on the agenda at many companies because the customer experience is and will be a key factor for revenue and the company’s overall competitiveness.

Customer Experience Management can do everything that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can’t. With CRM, a company registers its relation to the customers, while CEM records the customers’ feedback of their experience with the company.

In summary, CEM provides you with information about how and what the customers specifically experience when they meet you. Customer feedback is transformed to operational market knowledge. The management tool, CEM Intelligence, has the ability to inform about the customer experience in real time; therefore, it’s possible for you to react, while there is still time to change unintentional development.

Read more about CEM Intelligence, here.

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