CEM Danskerne

CEM Danskerne

Know your target groups

CEM EconomyVoxmeter enriches your studies with extensive knowledge about the Danes.

Thanks to our loyal panel members, it’s possible to supplement your national representative studies and CEM solutions with detailed background information such as demographic and lifestyle related variables. We can also recruit specifically defined target groups to studies based on carefully selected criteria.

This gives you an in-depth and valuable insight to your target groups, which is indispensable when developing and creating your company’s communication, sales, and marketing strategy.

In 2015, the number of interviews were increased from 65,000 to 260,000

We constantly extend our knowledge about the Danes. Voxmeter has trend and social studies with data from 1986 to present, which is an extension of IFKA’s business cycle reports. In 2015, we expanded the monitoring with another 300 areas. The number of national representative interviews was increased from 65,000 a year to 260,000 interviews a year, which equals 5,000 interviews a week.

This means that from 2015, we conduct even more regular industry specific studies and, therefore, can provide you with even more background information to your national representative studies.

CEM Danskerne provides information about:

  • Demographics
  • Employment
  • Leisure activities
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Media and internet habits
  • Concerns
  • Unions/unemployment funds
  • Political and social preferences
  • Health
  • And a number of other relevant variables

Read more about our panel and principles for good sample quality.

Feel free to call us and hear more about what segmentation options the extensive knowledge about the Danes can add to your studies.

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