Hall tests and street interviews

Hall tests and street interviews

Hall tests are used to get the respondents immediate reaction and evaluation of a product in situations like purchasing and usages. Hall test is an appropriate method for product and packaging testing because the respondents are able to taste or touch the product. Hall tests can also be a suitable method for concept, ad and movie testing.

Voxmeter’s hall tests and street interviews

We conduct nationwide hall tests and street interviews. We have a team of skilled interviewers and agreements with a number of central test locations in the bigger cities. Hall tests and street interviews are performed as personal face-to-face interviews, which are answered through a questionnaire either in a regular paper format, table or mobile phone surveys at stands or consoles for shops or on a fair.

Whether it’s a stop interview, user study, concept, taste or product testing our research technology, Catglobe, and our skilled and professional interviewer teams ensure the quality, efficiency and uniformity of the data collection.

We deliver the results in data files and/or table reports including standard demographic such as gender, age and geography as soon as the sample is completed.

  • We complete hall tests and street interviews offline and online all over the country.
  • Our field interviewers are paid a fixed salary. High interview quality implies that the interviewers are not paid at piece-rates or bonuses.
  • Our field interviewers are educated and always appear well dressed, friendly and professional
  • We donate to charity causes and often hand out presents to the respondents as appreciation for their help.

We are proud of our efficiency and known for always respecting deadlines. We put great honor in being flexible because we know this kind of projects demand strong logistics and coordination within a tight deadline.

When do our clients use this method?

  • When they want feedback on specific products, communication material or similar areas.
  • When they want midway feedback, when a product is under development.
  • When redesigning or adjusting a product, as with different flavors.

Another reason for conducting a study with the hall test method is to reach target groups at certain locations. This method can be relevant, if you wish to study a customer group’s experience of the purchase environment or services.

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