Studies to hotels and hotel chains

Every year, Voxmeter conducts the study “The Danish Hotel Market” for hotels and hotel chains. The Danish Hotel Market is a national representative study, which sets words and numbers on how your hotel or chain do on a number of parameters compared to your competitors.

The Danish Hotel Market

The study uncovers awareness, usage of hotels and image. You get a picture of your performance compared to your competitors on strengths and weaknesses, and your unexploited potential. The Danish Hotel Market is a valuable and well-supported foundation for evaluating and developing your marketing.

The report – awareness, image and usage

The Danish Hotel Market consists of a basic package and a number of optional studies. The basic package consists of three studies that provide you with knowledge about yourself and your competitors:

  • Awareness study: How many people know you and your competitors? What hotels are “top of mind”? Where does the awareness come from? What are the effects of campaigns and publicity?
  • Usage study: How many uses you and your competitors? In what situations? Information about usage situations and reasons for choice/source of information.
  • Reputation/image study: What is your rating compared to competitors? What is your net promoter score (NPS) compared to competitors? What do current and potential customers value when choosing a hotel?

The studies are delivered in professional, clear, structured and detailed reports that tell your current position, what is working and where to increase the effort.

The report

The Danish Hotel Market study is about hotel chains and individual hotels. Therefore, you can choose if you want to participate as a specific hotel or as a chain. We create an overall report where awareness, usage and reputations are analyzed for specific hotels and chains.

The overall report is built around three parts: awareness, usage and reputation. You also have the option to choose one or more additional modules, in such case you will receive a unique report. You can choose an extended reputation, profile and benchmarking study.

Feel free to call us for an informal talk about how we can help your company.

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