Major appliances

Major appliances

Studies to the major appliance industry

Voxmeter delivers individual and regular research solutions for the major appliance industry, which all in different ways provides valuable knowledge about the market and your customers.

CEM Economy – predict the major appliance buyers

Every quarter, CEM Economy provides you with information about the quote of the Danes, who has bought or plan to buy major appliances. Every year, Voxmeter completes 260,000 national representative interviews. The number of interviews is essential for conducting comprehensive segmentation studies. It is possible to define relevant target groups and see what demographic, economic and lifestyle related characteristics, that characterize your specific segment. The data is reported in quarterly reports and accessible on an online portal, where you can study the results in-depth.

Read more about CEM Economy here.

CEM Monitor – compare your performance to other major appliance dealers

Major Appliance Monitor provides you with valuable knowledge on the performance of major appliance dealers, and how to increase your sales. The study is completed every quarter and uncovers, among other things, how many visits, quotes, and purchased products from each individual dealer. You can see the development over time, and get answer to who has visited you and your competitors, and which dealers they have visited. You can also see the distributors’ ability to retain customers measured on how many visits and quotes that are converted into sales.

Read more about your options with a Monitor study here.

CEM intelligence – the ultimate market insight

CEM Intelligence is the ultimate management tool for an increased understanding of the market among your managers. Through systematic and intelligent close contact with the Danes and your customers, you get a unique picture of business and communication development opportunities, and tangible information on how to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Read more about how to get a CEM intelligence solution here.

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