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Voxmeter guarantees that your research is conducted methodical correct, effective and professional. We always base the study on your problem and budget. We put great honor into finding the solution, which provides your company with the most valuable solution within the given parameters.

We have many years of experience delivering studies and opinion polls for private companies, public organizations and NGO’s. Therefore, we can offer a number of fixed products as well as delivering surveys and studies, designed specifically for your problem.

Every week, Voxmeter conducts political polls. We also conduct regular studies such as the CEM Economy, CEM Monitor, and CEM Intelligence.

In addition, we conduct a number of other studies such as opinion polls, awareness and image studies, concept and product tests, pre- and posttests, and tracking. We can supplement your studies with the comprehensive CEM Danskerne.

We are available as sparring partner through the entire research process, from choice of research design to recommendation on the following process. Call us for an informal talk about choice of method for your problem.

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