Voxmeter provides Customer Experience Management to a number of NGO’s

Voxmeter has many years of experience delivering reports and Customer Experience Management (CEM) to NGO’s and charity organizations. We provide the CEM solution, CEM NGO Intelligence, which handles all the NGO’s research needs.

CEM NGO Intelligence – create effective strategies with unique market insight

CEM NGO Intelligences is a research and management tool, which brings you in close contact with members, potential members and the Danes. The NGO’s have joined forces to collect market knowledge based on the NGO’s research needs. This creates an extremely cost effective unique market insight. CEM NGO Intelligence offers valuable knowledge on how to retain and attract more supporters as well as how to differentiate your organization from other NGO’s. CEM NGO Intelligence is the optimal decision foundation for your organizational and communication development.

Attract and retain more supporters

CEM NGO Intelligence gives an insight to the Danes’ behavior, needs and plans within a number of areas such as fundraising, communication, loyalty, focus areas and image. Every week, you get up-to-date knowledge on how the Danes’ experience yours and the other NGO’s.

Hereby, it is easy to establish and position yourself because you get coherent insight to the most effective ways of attracting and stimulating the part of the populations, who want to support your organization’s mission as well as how to retain current supporters.

Follow the effects of your actions in real time

You get access to the customers’ experience in real time, which is the moment as it is experienced and reported. Hereby, you can continuously adjust your actions and not just note, if what you once did was good or bad. In other words: The organizations can see out of the front window and not just out of the rear window.

Get insight to more than 50 touchpoints, where the Danes meet your NGO

CEM NGO Intelligence provides you with information on more than 50 touchpoints, where current and potential supporters meet your NGO. You get knowledge about market share, attraction ability, retention ability, reasons of support, supporting format in the future, withdrawal, awareness, ad recollection, rating of importance on focus areas, and much more.

Save 50 % on research costs

CEM NGO Intelligence gives you comprehensible and unique customer insight because the studies are created across all relevant focus areas. At the same time, it is cost effective. It is our experience that NGO’s save as much as 50% on the research costs. This is possible, thanks to our intelligent research system, Catglobe, because you can collect your studies in one system and get an effective automated flow between your interviews, analyzes and reports.

Online studies and reporting

CEM Intelligence creates order to market and customer information, which support your mission, and reports it in an easy, structured and operational way for the right decision makers. You get access to all studies in a user-friendly research and reporting system through an online portal.

Read more about your options with a CEM Intelligence solution, here.

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