Quality panels

Voxmeter’s interviewing methods and panel management is unique and the foundation for our research. To secure the quality of the panel, we focus on the following measures:

  1. Everyone is selected randomly and recruited over the telephone.
  2. All types of people are represented in the panel.
  3. We want our respondents to feel appreciated for their time helping us. As thanks, we support a number of charities.
  4. Thanks to the high level of loyalty, background information accumulates to outline a complete overview.

The panel members are secured 100% anonymity.

Everyone is randomly selected and recruited by phone

Panel arrowVoxmeter only conducts internet interviews, where the respondents have been randomly selected and recruited over the phone by a professional interviewer. This ensures higher participation and a better mix of person types. We never use respondents, who have signed up through ads, pop-ups for testing of webpages or etc. Voxmeter controls 100 % who the members are and that no one participate more than once. Therefore, the panel is representative of the entire part of the population, who has access to the internet. Read more about our recruiting principles, here.

All person types are represented in the panel

To meet different types of people, we work with an incentive structure. As appreciation for their participation, they earn points, which they can use for donations to charities, gift cards, raffle tickets, or savings. This creates a high level of loyalty among the panelists.

We support charities as appreciation for our panel member

It’s important for us that everyone who participate in our surveys feel appreciated for their time spent. In 2014, Voxmeter and our panelist donated 1,1mio Dkk. to NGO’s. All members earn 1 dkk. per minute they spent filling out a survey. They can spend the money on:

  • Donations (1.1 mio dkr., 2014)
  • Gift card (2,125 gift cards, 2014)
  • Raffel tickets (192 prices, 2014)

Detailed background information

We continuously work on expanding background information about our panelists within areas like demographic, and lifestyle related variables. Read more here.

Voxmeter’s panel consists of 83,209 members (January 1, 2016). The panel is constantly growing, 900 members are recruited weekly from the 1,000 phone interviews that we conduct weekly through our telephone omnibus. We monitor the voting distribution on political parties, banks, NGO’s. There is always room for clients who wish to ask ad-hoc questions. Recruiting is a regular component of the telephone omnibus.

Customer panels – build your own panel

Voxmeter can help you build and maintain your own panels, often this is customer panels, but also include panels of specific groups of citizens, potential clients, or other groups.

By building your own panel, you can effectively reach your target group and save money. Voxmeter has helped the City of Copenhagen, Nilfisk-Advance, Coop and Coloplast gain easy access and contact to citizens, consumers, partners, and contractors.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our panels and how we can help you.

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