Studies for retail companies

Voxmeter conducts single studies and regular research solutions to retail companies. We conduct product studies, which uncover the customers’ preferences within product categories or specific brands, and we conduct shop evaluations, where we examine what is influential for customers’ positive or negative experiences.

We uncover the consumers’ meeting with your retail company on a number of parameters and our studies bring your retail company in close connection with the market and customers.

CEM Economy – predict the retail market

The regular study, CEM Economy, provides you with the Danes’ behavior and purchase plans within a number of product categories. Every quarter, you get a chance to predict the market. CEM Economy provides you with valuable advantage, when developing your sales and marketing strategy.

CEM Economy uncovers the market development within product categories such as clothing, books, electricity, garden tools, photo equipment, food, organic food, major appliances, IT/computers, toy, mobile phones, tablets, music and movies, furniture, radio and TV, as well as online purchase of music/movies and TV/movie services. In addition, you get access to information about the Danes’ purchase and consumer behavior within everything from experiences, media and specific industries to the overall economic development.

Study your segments in-depth
Every year, Voxmeter completes 260,000 national representative interviews. The number of interviews is essential for conducting comprehensive segmentation studies. It is possible to define relevant target groups and see what demographic, economic and lifestyle related characteristics, that characterize your specific segment. The data is reported in quarterly reports and accessible on an online portal, where you can study the results in-depth.

Read more about your options with CEM Economy here.

CEM intelligence – the ultimate market insight

CEM Intelligence is the ultimate management tool for an increased understanding of the retail market among your managers. Through systematic and intelligent close contact with the Danes and your customers, you get a unique picture of business and communication development opportunities, and concrete information on how to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Read more about CEM Intelligence here.

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