SMS Interviews

SMS Interviews

SMS interviews can give your company a quick and accurate picture of how your customers experience you, when meeting your products or physical surroundings. SMS interviews are a good method to get your customers or citizens immediate reaction, experience and satisfaction when meeting a shop, service area, ferry, swimming pool or a gas station.

We are with you the entire process

Voxmeter helps you find the research design that matches the purpose of your study. We contribute with posters and billboards at the relevant locations. We also help you find the best placement to get the highest participation rate in the study.

An example of SMS feedback

A SMS interview scenario could look like this: hang up a poster where people step out of let’s say a swimming pool. The poster includes information like: “send a SMS to XXXX and express your satisfaction with the swimming pool’s facilities.” In practice, the respondent sends a SMS to a phone number and writes “SWIM” followed by a number that indicates their satisfaction.

Follow-up studies based on SMS feedback

The respondents can be contacted with a return SMS, if you wish to do a follow-up study based on the SMS feedback. Hereby, we give the respondents the option to answer the survey by phone or online. No matter what, a “thank you” SMS is recommended.

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