Telephone interviews

Telephone interviews

Herning CallcenterVoxmeter conducts fast, professional and competent phone interviews. We ensure high quality of your phone interviews with our effective call center, professional interviewers and a solid methodical foundation.

Voxmeter’s phone interview (CATI)

We conduct larger, smaller, b2c, and b2b studies. We have interview departments in Copenhagen and Jutland with 50 interviewing stations and about 150 skilled and quality-conscious interviewers.

  • We use the CATI-system, Catglobe, for phone interviews, which ensure an effective data collection.
  • We provide study relevant jobs for 150 students.
  • Our interviewers receive a thorough education in demographic and interviewing techniques.
  • High interview quality presupposes that the employees aren’t paid at a piece-rate or bonus rate. Therefore, our interviewers receive a fixed salary. Read more about interview quality, here.
  • As thanks to our respondents, we support a number of charities.

We support you with the question format, research design, data collection, and delivering the results in your preferred way to ensure that you receive a quality product.

Omnibus – 1.000 telephone interviews every week

You can order questions on our telephone omnibus. Every week, our call-center completes 1,000 national representative interviews with citizens above the age of 15 or 18 years old. We can deliver the results of your ordered questions the following day of the completion of the data collection in a data file and/or table report, including standard demographics such as gender, age, and geography.

An advantage of using Voxmeter’s omnibus is that it is cost-effective because more clients share the expenses. Voxmeter’s omnibus will reduce your cost significantly, if your target group is very narrow or if you wish to ask a question to a broad target group.

However, if your target groups are narrowed to a smaller geographic area, interviews with a tighter defined group (e.g. your customers) should be conducted. Or if your survey has a certain size, it’s more appropriate to conduct the study as an independent phone interview.

Phone interviews the smart choice when…

Phone interviews are the most suitable, valid and precise method for a national representative study. This method can reach the groups that don’t use the internet, as opposed to web interview. Therefore, phone interviews are the smart choice when you want to know something about the entire population.

CATI – Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview

Voxmeter conducts all phone interviews through CATI (Computer-assisted telephone interview). We use the research system, Catglobe, which streamlines the data collection process. Catglobe is able to customize the order of the questions based on the respondent’s answer and already obtained information about the respondent.

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