Training courses and conferences

Training courses and conferences

Studies to the training course and conference industry

For a number of years, Voxmeter has delivered reports to course providers and course and conference venues. We deliver individual and annual reports of the course and conference industry, the Danish Course market.

The Danish Course market

The Danish Course market is a comprehensive annual report, which creates a detailed picture of the course activity in the Danish companies. The study includes the entire Danish course market including course providers, and course and conference centers. The study provides you with the chance to uncover the demand for supplementary training, courses and facilities at conference centers. In addition, your visibility and reputation is assessed, so you get a qualified foundation to evaluate, develop and target your marketing.

The report – awareness, image and usage study

The study consists of a basic package divided into two reports, the private and public sector. In addition, you can choose an image study, which provides a many-facetted picture of what types of companies that know you, and who rate you positively, neutrally, or negatively. This way, you get the chance to plan your marketing to attract companies, who hasn’t used you, and retain the ones who does.

The basic package focuses on the demand for course providers, course and conference centers and a valuation of these. Below is an overview of the sub topics in the Danish Course Market.

  • Demand study: charts the usage of course types, course providers and course and conference locations in the past years, and the demand and priority in the coming year.
  • The awareness and reputation study measures awareness and reputation for private and public providers and course and conference locations. We measure how well-known you are compared to your competitors, like we measure yours and your competitors’ reputation. This way, you can see your position on the market compared to your competitors.
  • The workforce’s participation in supplementary training: We look at the participants’ participation, the demand for courses, and the experienced take away from the courses.
  • Image study: can be bought in addition, includes a detailed overview of who knows you, and who doesn’t, where your position is strong and where it is weaker. The image study also includes a more in-depth analyze of who rate you positively versus negatively.

The report

A report for each sector is completed. The reports provide an overview of the activity in the current year compared to previous years, as well as expectations for the coming years. Besides, a comprehensive appendix will be included. Because we put great honor to our methodical craft work, the results can be generalized to the Danish business landscape.

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