Politisk Voxmeter (Kildeangivelse: Voxmeter for Ritzau)Telefoninterview, nationalt repræsentativt.

A - Social- demokraterne
A - Social- demokraterne
F - Socialistisk folkeparti
B - Radikale Venstre
Ø - Enheds- listen
V - Venstre
C - Konservative
O - Dansk Folkeparti
I - Liberal Alliance
K - Kristen Demokraterne
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Be aware of the statistical uncertainty

Voxmeter always states the statistical uncertainty. This way, the readers always know how much significance to attribute to the result.


Voxmeter predicted 7 out of 10 parties correctly

At the general election, June 18, 2015, no research companies were able to predict the Danish People’s party’s explosive growth, which had multiple reasons. One of the most essential reasons was that many of the “doubters” decided to vote for the Danish People’s party, when they were in the voting booth. Voxmeter used the weeks after the general election to study the causes and called every “doubter” and voters, who before the election had said they would vote for SF or Enhedslisten. As a result of the study, Voxmeter now asks a number of control questions to increase the accuracy. The primary reason Voxmeter didn’t get SF and Enhedslisten correct was that a large part of their voters decided to stay at home, often with an argument in the category of “no matter what, a right winged politic will be led”.

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Voxmeter havde 7 ud af 10 partier korrekt