Kenya: Continuous monitoring of social and economic developments as well as market and business developments

CEM Institute – Voxmeter (DK) and Strategic Research (KE) have built a modern monitoring system called CEM Economy that uncovers significant and valuable social, economic and market developments in Kenya on a quarterly basis. Private and public companies can track all this information online through a modern and user friendly reporting system. The monitoring process is based on 1,800 nationally representative interviews, which on a quarterly basis elucidate changes and developments within household economies, education, labor force, political and ethnical affiliation, purchase and procurement patterns, media behaviour etc. – valid information and knowledge that  is intended to provide greater insight and transparency and hopefully stimulate the Kenyan societal development in a positive direction. The goal is to distribute the monitoring system to a number of African countries in the years to come.

Elisabeth Manford

Counsellor, Business Sector

Royal Danish Embassy

13, Runda Drive

Runda, Nairobi

P.O.Box 40412 0100 GPO Nairobi

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