Showcasing how our customers benefits from a CEM solution

We have added som cases to our web-site showcasing how our customers benefits from a CEM solution from CEM Institute:

Read how CEM Institute helped Denmark’s third largest bank triple customer loyalty compared to the largest bank in Denmark using Catglobe, CEM Institute’s unique reporting platform for CEM.

You can also read how CEM Institute made an ongoing customer satisfaction setup in 18 countries for Nilfisk Advance, where the final reports are distributed directly to individual sales managers automatically, giving them insight in how their customers see them.

Finally read how Scandlines got a better grip on the huge amounts of survey data using a CEM solution created in Catglobe by CEM Institute, making it easier for Scandlines to disseminate knowledge within the organization and gather their collected market knowledge in one place.

Form more informatino go to Cases or click here to read about our customers’ experiences with a CEM solution from CEM Institute.

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