Upgrade of a Kenyan research institute to Western standards.

CEM Institute – Voxmeter (DK) has implemented modern production processes and new research technology at the local research institute Strategic Research (KE). Initially, the aim of the project was to strengthen the availability of valid and impartial, independent political surveys and, subsequently, ensure the same availability in relation to market- and community assessments in general; in Kenya and throughout East Africa.

The project was carried out in the period 2007 to 2011, and has greatly enhanced the skills, capabilities and processes of Strategic Research. For both private and public companies and organizations this guarantees wider options when buying validated market- and community surveys in the region.

Elisabeth Manford Counsellor,

Business Sector

Royal Danish Embassy

13, Runda Drive

Runda, Nairobi

P.O.Box 40412 0100 GPO Nairobi

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